Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Laid The Needle down & plunged it in
Hit the Vein & the Feeling ran through my blood
Round & Round spinnin' with a whirlwind Of a mind floatin' like a sitar
Grindin' like A 'Royal Aristocrat Doll' I knew many years ago
who had many a Hair Dye

Catty as she could be within her supreme jewel knecked beauty
Gone home beauty Grown up all wrong
Purred did her pussycat whilst talkin bout' dem shoe's she wore

I laughed for I knew the Change already came beneath That Thumb that sailed me on flight 505
straight into Carnaby street hookers who were living in the past down on Sepulveda
She couldn't help her mother- but Mother helped herself to yours truly
Mommas little helper Don't come down cheap

cost me nuthin'

As Poundin' came all black like wet dripping paint
her summer clothes were ruined only when she walked by, But Dig it..Couldn't turn my head

I was lit up people

And Brutha's & Sista's I got shook.
When she talked behind her friends Back Anne &Jane
I knew That Stupid Girl on the other block was 10 times hipper then the
Blind Date nightmare on the stretch of Highway 101
But hence she Rocked My world when

I Laid that needle to the groove & hit that vein like I said
Not in my arm like all the flowers think on the Dead vines of Hollywood Blvd.

But in the vinyl

Then euphoria swam through my Blood
That's how it felt Man when Played Aftermath By the Rollin' Stones & heard it for the first time
Those who know Rock n Roll know , Those who don't

written by Michael Ubaldini
copyright Library of congress

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