Thursday, June 3, 2010

Greta Garbo, Marlon Brando & My Recording Session

Recorded today the final song for my new upcoming album-'MICHAEL& THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS-'Last of the Honky Tonks'

Day started off by wakin' up and giving thanks to the man above for this thing called life.
Ate Cheerios,Drank Coffee,Talked to my Chick, wore a beat up shirt cause it looked cool.Broke out the ol' Gibson 175 white hollow body-Very minimal overdubs-The album was recorded the real way-No click Tracks or Tracking- no building&layering things-this album is ready to tear that all down.Just 4 people in a room,layin' em' down and havin' a ball playin' and a singin'
It's the complete bastard brother of my last album-Kinda Ying & Yang.
I have to keep movin'&Ramblin'& challenging myself as an artist- Gotta keep changin' things up-
Don't like reality stars on a red carpet
They do not belong there.
Red carpets are for the Brandos,Garbos,Pacinos&Streeps of the world-real artists....I never liked computer paintings.I dig the folks who use a real brush and sculpt by hand....Thats what this record will be all about...With a heavy dose of whisky,wimmens and Bag ladies.
Blue Yodel Blue Yodel Blue Yodel.....Jimmy Rodgers spirit was there.

PS -
If ya can't write a good song in under fifteen to thirty minutes.... ya gotta find another line of work....... Reality TV?

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