Thursday, December 28, 2017

See Ya Round 2017.- Lauren Bacall & Clark Gable got the Blues

Alright 2017 - gone by had some scares, some wear,  somewhere,,some tear, some tears, 
some fears , and some year, all that is rolling through the desolate railroad in my overheated ,depleted, completed and crumbling , rumbling,fast talkin' slow walkin' midnight rockin' mind.

Now 2017 was all right of course, the new album  releases, the tours of Austin TX were great -- along with the shows I did with Judy Collins (If I could go back in time to the 60s I'd take her out if she'd let me...that voice wonder sirens led men to destruction ...aint gonna hear a voice by choice to rejoice like that ever again -those powerful crystal clear songstress voices wont exist when her and Baez are gone ...too damn bad ..glad I could witness & hear it live .. privileged  & she signed my record as can be --- Bye Bye Miss American Pie - Don McLean show -playing that was cool as well... -

Get off the phone...don't be a Jeanie Lee  all ya' Politician Superstars of social media...bland bland bland ....-Hate the word Americana ...Come on now- I aint in that musical categorize jive, although I was playing what later would be marketed as  that  while everyone was in a freakin' hair band & wearin' Morrissey's coat -there was no "No Depression" mag except the depression of music which was depressing...I'm not part of any of that...Had to reconcile my differences elsewhere... like in the fun-house mirror as I told you before like the mayor mania my carney days..

Moving on .......

 A scare at the So Cal Hoedown but all wound up good (thank you Lord)
So many needles in my arm I feel like some kinda junkie- Bruised up like Johnny Thunders - dump a bucket of ice on my tragic beautiful life.
Ya know been thinkin' drinkin and not blinkin' at others winkin' at other times freakin' about the world baby ..I mean all these people are Lab rats on Facebook ..questions being asked ..surveys ..just to know how people think so they the powerful  can control ,and use PR to brainwash the hard drive in  peoples skulls with political, religious  and utopian  thoughts .. everyone weighing I give a shit about some fuckers opinion -They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder ..but all I see is the ugly inside of people on that spy network...guess it has an upside!

I don't expect em' to care bout' mine or my mind either-- Two faced woman coming down the line .. "Honey get that thing away from me"..aint holding no ones hand ,aint opening no car door , aint stretching my arm with a fake yawn over her shoulder ..aint opening no doors ...aint making no moves for a beautiful fleeting kiss.... Aint dancin' close in the moonlight - cant be accused of courting for love as an evil man...after all I'm only a Blues man and a rock n roll songster slingin' hash ..not smoking it ..contrary to public belief ..

Talking to carney pal the 'Top Hatted Tall Man'(Its been many years) in my stop over before I arrived bout  where I met me  'the lead me on gal' -I met -she- who led me by the handshake of a dance into nothingness and Carl Jung psychosis ...then condemned for not wanting nothing to do with the religion of atheism ...

Its all over mama...Its all high and dry & snow falling in Austin and stabbing the eye..I sit and watch everyone brainwashed being groomed for a New World Order ..but life is so much shorter ..ran into my ol' pal Patrick Porter and got a dose of sanity..cause after all "Rudie cant fail" in the "Modern World" (Clash & Jam it) ..-- 
Could it be that  Thumbelina is on the the take wasting her time at The NAMM show? ... 
Her friend cabbage patch Joe wound up thinking cover bands are real bands....that's right Pinocchio day you'll be a real boy -- check your laminate in the hallway filled with mirrors of diabolical shit..Take a look ..ya like what you see? ...


 But all that aside its a great year apart from everyone having to burn their records, oh yes all Dem'  Stones , Blues,Dylan,Honky Tonk , Hip Hop &Rock n Roll records are sexist now....Button up yer pants and button up your blouse...In fact don't even think about it...
pro creation is banned  and has turned into a hit record ... turn it up  bone daddy .(However I have three sisters and if anyone hassles em.......trouble trouble trouble,)

It all makes me nimble & neurotic and I tell you I am extremely offended by The offended ...Everyone's been told to be offended so why not?!
I guess art must be censored ..under the guise of being uncensored ...I'm a little bit disjointed by it all and am moving in a new direction..It feels like into a brick wall ..
Village of the damned .."A Brick wall"...Have ya seen it? --Black &White movie bliss.

Can you dig THE BALLAD OF BRIAN JONES  vinyl EP ? ..I am happy as can be I wrote that song for the outlaw blonde haired creator of The Stones... People love to rewire &rewrite  history (Just Look at whats happening now) mark my words ..The Elvis statue in Memphis will be coming down soon... But its for our own good ..thank you ...Whew what a relief to not have individuality anymore all in the name of morality.... Come back little Sheba!!........
Can ya make God like one of us please? ...After all all  I can say to Icons or I-cons- is no ones gonna make a monkey outta me.... 

Darwin is in a boat with Marx &Rockefeller ,Rimbaud is driving and steering the paddle of the damn drunkin' thing ..on waves of ,sacrificial ordinary preambles of cross eyed nymphs looking for action with a stowaway below the deck of cards on the glacier of lost dreams...  and want me to go fishing with em'...I don't think so.... 
but Howard Hughes can dig the Blues and have you heard the news?
....Lauren Bacall  &Clark Gable got the Blues 

2017 has gone by at the speed of light... so get right and when the clock strikes midnight ...the New year will be in sight -on site -and all I know is I'm blessed to be alive &and kickin' 
I feel all right &.......Well Alright!
(Last Chord of Revolution by the Beatles) All Right! Blam blam!

Written by Michael Ubaldini-

Sunday, December 17, 2017


So I have come back from a great tour through Texas.
Thanks to all who came out ,
 Had my friends The Rubilators back me up as my band .. They are a solid band in their own right too & can't thank them enough for learning my songs -- Also - the final night on stage one guy tried to hassle me and the boys on stage  giving the band the finger - he was a bit upset everyone was digging it.Guitar player and buddy John flipped the bird back , he tried to climb on stage and John knocked the hat the guys head thought we were gonna have an old fashioned Punk moment with a little rumblin' ...but we finished my song instead -A LIFETIME OF BAR BAND DUES - which was appropriate . The guy apologized afterwords to us all  very sincerely so all wound up good ...just another night of Rock N Roll !- see ya again Texas soon! 

Came home on Saturday the 16th and played the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach  CA. today Sunday .
  I have a thing I do every Friday on Facebook called "FOLK SONG FRIDAY" , where I play original songs & old Folk songs ..mix it up . 

This week I did a version of INXS 'Dont Change' in the folk style in tribute to the late 
 Michael Hutchence--  hear it here!!

I believe Hutchence wrote the words .This shows a great song is always a great song. I stripped it down & did it  in my own Folk Style-Michael Hutchence should be remembered for not only being a good singer but a good person & band mate  from what I have heard- though its a pop rock song - there is some simple cool poetry between the lines. A song I always liked.

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Thank you all -!-

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Coffee & Damaging Analog

Michael Ubaldini  be damaging some analog tape with Rock n roll starting new recording sessions!
He has accumulated   3 albums worth of original songs in a recent writing frenzy jacked up on black coffee- so he will have to narrow it down - He wraps up 2017 in a tour of Texas (T-4 Texas Tour)

And closes it out in Southern California at The Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach CA. Sunday Dec 17th

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