Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010


People are all plugged in, Have ya noticed?
people with wires stickin' out of their wax filled ears, Text here Text there..
Earphone pieces talking loudly so you can hear em'

People in a hurry to go nowhere..
Dear reader I write this out of love not cynicism,
cause cynics see the bad in anything & miss the beauty in everything

No creativity anywhere..
Free Country.. But can you really call that freedom being plugged in?
I mean yeah it can be good to plug in
but your feet better be dry...
Everyone's feet look wet to me
just wading in the typhoon that's about to hit hard..

Don't Know..Don't matter

How do ya pick up your next date?
Dates are a drag with a chaperon The machine...All those songs on a little box..
Fast food can give ya heartburn..
Two people at a table together yet on a phone or playing some game or texting....why not converse with each other?
..Be bold
Talk ..its kind of something new to try...

naw fer git it man...

ya may stumble on an idea
You may have to help you friend up when he falls...My My all that human touch...
Mercy!! (thanks Roy)
that could throw everything off.. I mean how can one survive with that human contact and exchange of ideas after all?!

Deaden your mind to all that surrounds you and see nothing,
or open em' and see it all for what it is...
I used to dig sheep when they were in a pack doing nothing cept'
grass but now the sheep have kicked Little Bo Peep in the kisser...
she didn't notice cause she was to busy watching every ones life on twitter
she didn.t even know she lost em'
The Big bad wolf didn't eat em on principle...
He just went and played poker with The three little pigs at a speak easy owned by grandma
he took red riding hood as his date... they were all fed up with it
besides when its all over they have a place to live..The house made of bricks by piggie number three..

Mother goose didn't lay an egg she just took a dump...
And it smells like what robots humans have become....
locked minds
bolted spirits,
the key to nothing
Even the Three blind mice hangin out with Winkin Blikin & Nod can understand that...
They told us so
I know its true someone posted it on Facebook...gotta be ...I mean honest to golly jeepers creepers ..everyone got peepers...and they are watching me and you boogalooo.

That is the fast food we are gettin' served..Dylan wrote the Times are a Changin
Boy didn't they though?
The Pistols sang "No Future"
boy was Johnny right on the mark...
Dylan also sang "ya Gotta serve somebody"
(cept people -the fools- don't believe in God today...... after all
TV reality has shown humans that THEY are God... they would rather not "Serve yourself' As John Lennon parodied but.. more like "Serve themselves up!
Boy oh boy!!!...

that is the 'wrong em Boyo' Joe Strummer!
ya hit the nail on the head there.. Stagger Lee(Or Stackolee depends on which era we are talkin' of) even gave Bill Lyons his Stetson back it would seem...

B-B-B-Billy Bibbit is a stuttering' somewhere...
Nurse Ratcehd is in control.. and I believe running for a 2nd term
The Twilight Zone taught us about the phrase to "How Serve man"...
you remember?... "Its a cook book"
And our goose is being deep fried with Technology of machines and political crap correctness...
better sprinkle some salt on yourself and take a real good bite..
I'm a little afraid so I'm puttin' on the jester hat
I want no part of this Dewey


Smile your on candid camera..
Sports stars private lives
people watch..
Judge like they have on a white wig
They may have a cell phone ear piece but its used like a gavel,
scares the heck outta me..

The in thing now is for people to put each other down,
talk show hosts etc etc..

Lets ruin em cause they have talent
lets ruin em cause they don't
Lets hate em if retires ,
lets hate em' if he comes back,
lets praise he who kills dogs with another chance...but lets spray paint people with a mink coat& call em' needless animal killers...
lets Kill babies in the crib and say "only the good die young"
I say Lets Not..
Lets act intellectual
or lets not
Lets destroy it all..
Are you kidding ?
I say Lets Not..

No Romance without a kiss,
No real music without truth like this
And no fight without a two pairs of Fists..

Tough insults behind a computer protection
false identity
No guts..
I am outta here man
About to slap a Muddy Waters platter in the turntable..

you cant light up a room
The roaches scatter when ya do...
problem is Most of em are all plugged in
But the fuse is short Bulb is dim...

gonna get me a candle
gonna say a prayer cause I believe one day
The meek will win.
And I will ask to be forgiven'
cause I want in.......

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