Saturday, January 1, 2011

DREAM SEQUENCE #7-Street singin’ Troubadour Blues- Way over’ yonder in ‘The End times’

From The soon to be published 2nd edition of The Book MICHAEL UBALDINI- 'LOST AMERICAN NIGHTS"Lyrics & Poems'

I better capture the words right now

Before enchantment disappears

The eyes of honesty wept

Invoking love with fear.

Taste the shadows and the pain deep

In this whiskey flask,

Her arms hold me strong with truth,

Or does the rabbit don the mask.

We’re warm within a shack beyond the cold

A flickering shack

With eyes burn through like coal

Four walls surround us

Created by mind scheme –

Our love explodes like stars

In the night ocean stream

The lights burn the dark on all highways

The rivers flow where

Darkness makes love with the sun

Though I’m alone

Standing gazing toward the rivers cape

Wondering if my openness will leave wound where

My hearts at stake.

My collars up

I hang my head and stroll along

I’m in search for salvation,

She’s my lover, and if childhood dreams aren’t but a whim,

I jump in –

Head first and drown before I’d swim.

written by MICHAEL UBALDINI copyright Library of Congress

all rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or part in any form

First edition of The book 'Lost American Nights published by Moontide Press 2006

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