Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dream Sequence # 2 “LOST AMERICAN NIGHT” (Greasers’ Paradise)

Dream Sequence # 2
(Greasers’ Paradise)

Cigarette lighter
The sound of the clip
The smell of butane
My hands on yours
My sweet baby’s hip
Leaning back in your flower summer dress
On my ’62 Cutlass Old’s
‘ neath the stars
Lighting up tar pit skies
Beer bottle clankin’ the top of the hood
My black leather jacket ‘round you
My sweet baby’s shoulders
Wastin’ the night away
Embraced in a solitude

Here the whole world stops
All the hate
All the murders
All the politics
All the cynicism
For tonight the moon is shining
Bright as chrome on
Hubcap wheels

Your chest pressed firm to my heart
Against my dirty T-shirt
Raise the staff and watch
The red sea highway
Of hot asphalt part
The ragtop down

Our life’s eight millimeter film
On life’s celluloid reel
For tonight my sweet angel
You give the kiss
Most men wish to claim or steal
But the only crime is the truth
That exists in our hearts

So let’s hold on to this moment
In a lifetime gone wrong
Catch one dream in a glimpse
In fury’s existence belong
The treasure jewel lives in eternal
A Greasers’ paradise
Beauteous and tragic
In a lost American night

-Dream Sequence # 2 -“LOST AMERICAN NIGHT” (Greasers’ Paradise)-
Copyright 2008 – Michael Ubaldini-library of congress
all rights reserved including the rights of reproduction in whole part in any form

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