Sunday, May 9, 2010


A Lot of people ask me what I use on my records to get a certain man how do ya get such a grat big Yet Tough sound?.well gang its all..Old Vintage Amps That I have been using for years- some Old Fender Champs , An Old Grestch Amp & An early 60's Fender BASSMAN I bought off Brian Setzer My old friend years Ago in the Early 9o's ..All Tube I never use no solid state Or Rack Junk..

I know I have always been amazed at why people use new Amps Or these little boxes That simulate the real Old School amps when they can just save some money and get the real thing.. Don't get Hung up at NAMM looking at all this new stuff to shortcut the music & Sound....Just
Git yerself The real deal...plug er in and let it Make some noise....

Also I look for old Non name brand old things or Handmade insturments that can give me a real Honest Rock n roll sound..
Its all a matter of Taste of course butI have found a Burger still tastes better on a grill then nuked in the microwave.. It fills ya up gives ya what ya need quick... But Don't Quite taste right,,

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