Monday, March 19, 2018

'New Starshakers line up!'


 Michael Ubaldini has added some  talented  brand new members to 'The Starshakers.'
Trust me when we say these guys know how to rock..
His former guitarist & drummer were old friends basically filling in til Michael got the right line up 
-A permanent drummer & Rhythm guitarist- .
Michael may be adding a few other things interesting into the mix as well.

"It was time to let them go & make a change for the integrity of the music to carry on.
 It was a lot of fun hangin' round those guys  playing music & grabbing mid rehearsal coffee talking about all kinds of things- They weren't guys who could hit the road & tour so to speak, the drummer has other 9 to 5 obligations & the guitarist has other artistic commitments which is a conflict. My whole life is music performing & writing it and being creative.
I support what they do & they support my decision to replace them.
 They are  friends and would never want to stand in my way

I've sacrificed everything to follow the muse. The new players I have are true dedicated solid career players including my 'Lonesome Playboys' drummer joining the crew..Jerry my bass player will be staying aboard  the Starshaker ship.
I've recruited another great guitarist who cut his teeth like myself back in the real scene.

Though the former guitarist  is no longer in the line up, I will continue on other types of artistic  projects with him.We have a great time working together.
But I do thank those two old pals ..............,but first thing is first  I got places to go, songs to write,and move where the wind takes me!"

New Line up unleashed soon at The Ranch Party & The Trip  in Los Angeles CA
As well as other select shows all over- check the show dates here.

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