Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I climbed down in this hollow room looking for someplace to hide

Still wanting to be seen

Shelter dead as evening romance encrypted and engraved

A neurotic dreamer’s scheme

I can pick up all the broken pieces where you used to stand

Getting whipped is entertainment

I’m no slave driving man

I’ll just let you down easy

Because there is no easy way to let you down

Amongst your acquired cathedral of friends you were many things

Queen of the contrived scene

You called me your lover yes I obliged

You saddled up the horse

I ate from the cuisine

I’ll let you go first my darling I don’t mind being last

I’m walking through life’s Graveyard where you’re buried in the past

I’ll just let you down easy

Because there is no easy way to let you down

Deceptive false illusions love supremacy

Sweet intoxication Drunk with ecstasy

Socialite seduction came up dry

Farwell goodbye

I tried to tell you lovers must be two before they’re one

With you I feel I’m staring down the barrel of a gun

I’ll just let you down easy

It’s Time to bring the final curtain down

Copyright, library of Congress

Written by Michael Ubaldini
may not be used in whole or part in any form without permission
Taken From The album 'Portable record Player' on Blackwater Records & from The revised up coming 2nd edition 'Moontide book Michael Ubaldini'Lost American Nights-Lyrics& Poems"

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