Monday, July 19, 2010


The times are bad and music got lost
In the sea of the business man
But that don’t matter cause I’ve found hope
On solid ground in which I stand
Oh Yeah
The sky is beautiful tonight
The stars burn through the windows of light
In your diamond eyes

I drive an old Ford my guitar in the back
On a downtown avenue
I see the souls of forgotten people
Whose dreams never did quite come true
When life’s games,
Life’s roads are all lost
And won’t give
Straight in your soul I get the will to live
In your Diamond eyes

Babe I gotta hold on
I gotta hold on strong
Or I’ll drift away and into a soul searching wind

More then ever now
We gotta hang on to what’s real
For when there’s no one left to feel
We can take it all so lets step on the gun

To 'Outlaws of romance' ........on the run

There’s a lot of things I wish that I could change
Were out here together on our own
I can see corruption
The internets destruction of a world no longer known

They can put a price on life
Desensitize the whole worlds mind
But they can’t kill love and proof lay behind
Your diamond eyes

Oh yeah,
Come on baby let me in
Where the Mystery of Gods world lives in
Your diamond eyes

written by Michael Ubaldini copyright 2002
from the Album Rock N roll Saloon.

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