Thursday, January 25, 2018

Guitar Center on Steroids

On The Liverpool  Albert docks Merseyside on a vagabond acoustic tour

Well its time for the NAMM show in California, I have played there ,got a few free passes before -
 But I tell ya I don't see what the big deal is....first off...Going into guitar center is a pain in the arse as it is listening to people endlessly playing the same ol' guitar riffs as fast as they can.. ... Well quad-triple  that 10 million times and you have NAMM . Everyone comparing badges ,"Do you have all access?"
And the vibe reeks of 'Bam magazine nostalgia'don't get me wrong now I don't hate NAMM.Its a good hang and seeing friends is always nice. and if you've never been  you owe to yourself at least once to go check it all out ,but  every year is like having Sex in the same missionary position over &over.
And I do think its great for smaller indie companies.
Forget everyone telling you "I got endorsed" (When they really mean they can buy it at cost).
Forget everyone overdressed.
Forget that the gear is a drag when its new instruments copped to look and sound like vintage stuff. (Just search & get the real stuff) the treasure hunt is part of the fun.

Gibson ain't gonna be there..kudos to them.They don't need NAMM . Forget the people cashing in on the show with a near by  after party...Or fake Namm  event  just a few blocks from the convention party ,nine maids a milking  the show . ...or even way further  from it ...Garden Grove comes to mind. Its lost all its luster, people flying in and speaking of the event like upscale snobs... "Hi are you 'doing' Namm?" .. ..-we are... just flew in darling ... working on project "...

Now tell me Is that any state for Rock n roll to be in? (Rhetorical)

I'd love to see a young band with attitude like The Sex Pistols in their prime  ..But they'd never have the guts to book anything that vital. (anymore)
Just  see em' upset the whole thing with honest to God Rock n Roll rebellion.
That's what Art is all about anyway if ya ask me (and  I know ya 'didn't  ask but whose counting?)
I get the thing.Its nice people hang and see their friends -but its really a con job.And the air is filled with is too much nepotism-
Everyone pays a shitload of money for the weekend ..that don't get put back into the music scene....oh that's right that scene was murdered . You know where the money goes? In their pockets.

How bout an after hotel party I mean its so Rock n some fuckin' lines & drink watered down beer ... hey it only cost you a buncha' money.I've been to many a hotel party ..when you've done it once its best to move on - I'll do anything once .. well almost anything .
Now aint sayin' I'd never go again or never have been before.
When I have played a gig there I play & get out. If I got a free pass ..maybe I'd go in the future  ..but turned a few down  this year & the last couple years  .... plus three days ?  Four if ya count Thursday..

Is it Woodstock really? ..I'd rather hang with musicians doing original stuff in another state or State in a beat down club..In a dirty rehearsal room ,On the beach with acoustic a car driving cross country with friends singin' and a strummin'...In a hall in a forlorn void with like minded misfits of creativity looking at it all from a parallax view.
I'm  going to NAMM this year? .....not this time.It's not a bitter thing either -its just a drag daddy.
 I'll just go to a small coffee house or small club & watch a young songwriter sing his or her heart out.

That's the only kind of endorsement one needs.

Written by M.Ubaldini

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